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Very quick note just to let you guys know that we are now on Instagram under the name @gdauthority. We post photos of Green Day (SURPRISE!) every day or two. Most have ... read story
From now until June 5th, Talent House will be holding a contest where you could win a signed ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tre! box set and a Canon 5D MK III camera by making a short film to go along with a song from Green Day's ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tre! ... read story
Here at GDA, we're adding an additional way of delivering the news to you all. We're trying this video update series that will (hopefully) be a regular occurrence. In this episode, Jimmy, Jack, and I discuss the tour, ¡Cuatro!, and some ... read story
Green Day has just been added to the Montreaux Jazz Festival in Switzerland taking place July 7th. The annual festival, which takes place over 15 days, has bands of all genres of music open the show each day. Other bands include Prince, ... read story
We've just started selling this "Stupid" long sleeve baseball t-shirt inspired by Billie's shirt from the mid 90's. We had a contest on our forum for people to write the text we'd use on the design and GDCer Florence won with her design, a ... read story
Here's a video of Billie Joe arm wrestling a fan, Biggletron, after last nights show in Berkeley, CA. I won't spoil the results. [note]Thanks to Schlappy for posting this on our forum.[/note ... read story
Back to the start where it all began, that's where Green Day's documentary film Broadway Idiot is headed. Next month, the film will be screened at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre where the American Idiot Musical made it's debut in 2009. ... read story
Just recently, music printing company Hal Leonard listed guitar tab books for the last two albums of Green Day's recent trilogy. Back in February, an ¡UNO! tab book was also released by Hal Leonard. Guitar players, rejoice! We now have a ... read story
Billie Joe just posted this image on his Instagram in response to the bombing in Boston today ... read story
Over the weekend we held a riddle trivia contest that hand many of you racking your brains trying to figure out the damn answers. I'm sorry to anyone who found their frustration so unbearable they resorted to violence. I will admit that we ... read story
Time for a little riddle. It's not easy and will require you to use a little brain power. Solve it and you have a chance to win a Warning 7" yellow vinyl. You have until Sunday night (11:59pm EST) to submit your answer. If you get it ... read story
Hot Topic has put up an Uno Dos Tre girls tank top that features the album names and skulls with pink x eyes. The shirt is currently on sale for $15.38 (was $20.50). If you're interested in picking it up, visit HotTopic.com ... read story
Fall Out Boy has come back from their hiatus and released their first album in 4 years titled "Save Rock and Roll." In an interview with Faster Louder, bassist Pete Wentz talks about the title of the album and mentioned how important Dookie ... read story
When Green Day was on the 21st Century Breakdown tour in 2009, RJM Music talked to the band's guitar techs, Hans Buscher and Greg Howard, and gave us a tour of Billie Joe Armstrong and Jason White's guitar rigs. Even though Green Day ... read story
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