The first Halo game has some Basket Case lyrics in it as part of a hidden easter egg. screen shot Bungie.org
In the video for Holiday, if you look closely at the bar when Tre (in drag) is dancing, you can see pictures of Billie Joe with TNT on him. Green Day has three songs in which they say 1, 2, (1,2,3,4) - Hitchin' a Ride, St. Jimmy, and Peacemaker
Dookie's original title was Liquid Dookie, but they changed it because they thought it was too gross.
New copies of Dookie are made without Ernie on the back. That's because Sesame Street threatened to sue Green Day.
Billie also plays the harmonica, mandolin, drums, and the piano. Mike also plays the farfisa, guitar, and the drums. Tre also plays the guitar and the accordian.
In 1995 or so, the video for 'Longview' was critiqued on the popular MTV show, Beavis & Butthead. 'Basketcase' was also critiqued on the "Spanish Fly" episode of Beavis and Butthead.
When Green Day was recording songs for Insomniac, they were trying to think of an appropriate name for the song Stuck With Me. The band recorded the song now called "Do Da Da" around the same time, and that song was originally called "Stuck With Me", because those words actually appear in that song. But, there was a studio mix-up, and someone labeled the third track on Insomniac "Stuck With Me". When the band discovered the error, they felt the name was appropriate for the song and kept it. Later, they decided to release the real "Stuck With Me" as a b-side, so they gave it the nonsensical name "Do Da Da".
The name for Insomniac partly came from Winston Smith (the artist who made the artwork for the album) - when Billie asked him how long it took to work on it, Winston replied "I'd spent the last 38 hours working on the assembly of the composition. He asked me how it was possible for me to stay awake that long and I said, "It's easy for me. I'm an insomniac". http://www.winstonsmith.com/gallery/book2/small/insomniac.html
"The Grouch" (on nimrod.) was originally titled "Happy Grouch".
"Haushinka" was originally written for Dookie, but at the time they didnt like the sound of it. So they excluded it from the album then when Nimrod came they decided to include it.
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