The Foxboro Hot Tubs just finished playing two shows in Austin, TX. View photos, setlist and more for each show: March 14th and March 15th.
Featured Download: Jaded In Chicago/Spitting
Our final download is the second most famous show from the Dookie tour, right after Woodstock. The show was recorded at Aragon Ballroom in Chicago on November 18th, 1994 and is commonly known as "Jaded In Chicago" or "Spitting". Also included in this download in "Geek Stink Breath" from the soundcheck but not played during the show.

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Dookie live at Reading Festival
mp3 (audio)
75 MB
Dookie Demos, Re-recordings, & Unreleased songs
mp3 (audio)
46 MB
"Nativity" play
mp4 (video)
346 MB
Billie Joe + Norah Jones hosting "Outlaw Country"
mp3 (audio)
20 MB
"Saints Are Coming" live 2009
mp3 (audio)
2.6 MB
Stay The Night with drum intro remix
mp3 (audio)
4 MB
Foxboro Hot Tubs live in Oakland, 2013 (Audio)
mp3 (audio)
65 MB
Foxboro Hot Tubs live in Oakland, 2013 (Video)
mp4 (video)
1059 MB
Hotel Babylon, 1996
mp3 (audio)
27 MB
O2 Academy, 2013
mp3 (audio)
126 MB
Irving Plaza, 2004
mp3 (audio)
100 MB
Chile, 2010
mp3 (audio)
204 MB
Shibuya-AX, 2012
mp3 (audio)
163 MB
"Highway 1" by The Foxboro Hot Tubs
mp3 (audio)
3 MB
Reading Festival 2012
mp4 (video)
739 MB
"Hold On" (Alternate Mix)
mp3 (audio)
3.3 MB
Good Riddance By American Idiot Musical Cast
mp3 (audio)
2.4 MB
Dean Gray - American Edit
mp3 (audio)
64.7 MB
Live at Milton Keynes (Day 1)
mp3 (audio)
40 MB
"99 Revolutions" Live From ONE
mp4 (video)
209.3 MB
Live at Brixton Academy
mp3 (audio)
81.6 MB
Dookie Live in Serbia
mp3 (audio)
34.4 MB
Download of The Week - The Foxboro Hot Tubs on Carson Daily
mpg (video)
68.8 MB
Live at The Independent, April 7th 2009
mp3 (audio)
160 MB
Live at Greek Theater
mp3 (audio)
135 MB
Pinhead Gunpowder on KALX Radio
mp3 (audio)
72.3 MB
"Brutal Love" Live
mp3 (audio)
5.3 MB
American Idiot's final performance on Broadway
mp3 (audio)
108 MB
Green Day performs at the Fox Theater in 2013
mp3 (audio)
175 MB
Green Day performs at the Fox Theater in 2009
mp3 (audio)
150 MB
"Billie Joe's Mom" by Tre Cool
mp3 (audio)
1 MB
Green Day live in Buenos Aires
mp3 (audio)
250 MB
Pinhead Gunpowder at 924 Gilman
mp3 (audio)
109 MB
1996 BBC Radio Sessions
mp3 (audio)
10 MB
1994 BBC Radio Sessions
mp3 (audio)
14 MB
Video of Green Day
mp4 (video)
53 MB
The 2012 Summersonic Festival EP
mp3 (audio)
47 MB
The Dookie Demos
mp3 (audio)
70 MB
Green Day performing at Irving Plaza
mp3 (audio)
150 MB
Green Day Christmas Songs
mp3 (audio)
2.6 MB
The Foxboro Hot Tubs live at the Stork Club
mp3 (audio)
35 MB
Audio Interview with Billie Joe from 1995
mp3 (audio)
6.19 MB
Acoustic Set 2001 - Endsession 59
mp3 (audio)
60 MB
"Look For Love" sung by Billie Joe at age 5
mp3 (audio)
3.45 MB
"Who Wrote Holden Caulfield?" featuring Davey Havok
mp3 (audio)
4.8 MB
Midwest Medley
mp3 (audio)
5.02 MB
"D.U.I." an unreleased track off Shenanigans
mp3 (audio)
4.38 MB
Billie Joe and Elvis Costello - Allison
mp3 (audio)
3 MB
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