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Some real exciting stuff going on here. Green Day and U2 starting recording together this week. If you're a part of the Idiot Club they put up a couple photos from the recording.

Green Day and U2 do a photo shoot at Abbey Road in LondonEven more exicting is that the guys from Green Day and U2 were at Abbey Road in London yesterday doing a photo shoot. Lucky for us, some guys there took video of it and posted it on You Tube. Check it out here!!

Also, Green Day and U2 will be performing together September 25th in New Orleans to kick off the re-opening of the Louisana Superdome which we believe will air on ESPN. They will play the song they are recording together, 'The Saints Are Coming' by the Skids, but we aren't sure if their performance will be aired. The song should be available for download that day (we think), and we believe it will be on Rhapsody. We're working to get all that information verified, so we'll let you guys know for sure before the 25th.
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