The new issue of Guitar World has a picture of Billie Joe on the cover along with several other artists, for its 300th issue, but there is no article or any mention of Green Day inside the magazine.

The Foxboro Hot Tubs vinyl single of Mother Mary and She's a Saint Not a Celebrity will be released March 25 according to the Warner/Reprise store. URP music distributors says it's been bumped to April 15. We don't know which date is right.

A CD of classical renditions of popular songs, Strung Out Volume 6: The String Quartet Tribute to Music's Biggest Hits, was released in February. It includes Green Day's Good Riddance. You can listen to clips here.

Ultimate Guitar has an article called 10 Great Moments in Rock and Roll Heckling, which lists Green Day's famous mud fight at Woodstock in 1994. They misidentify Tre has having been hurt in that fight, when, as you all know, it was actually Mike. Thanks to Ryan.

Lookout Records posted a review of Pinhead Gunpowder's Feb. 10 show at Gilman St.

And Adeline Street is looking for a design intern.
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