There have been some pesky rumors floating around about the band playing some shows, and recently a French newspaper said the band would be returning there next summer. We have confirmed that these are not true. The band does not have any scheduled dates. Their management did say they would let us know as soon as they did have something to confirm. I'm sure we'll hear about progress on the new album before we find out about any tours. Sit tight.

The official store has been updated to include some 'packs', Green Day items grouped and sold together. They have 5 packs right now (eagle,sticker & cd,poster, sticker & button, 1039 Smooth), with prices ranging from $6 to $25. Check them out.

I've decided to postpone the results of the top 10 finalists in our audio contest till Monday, September 22nd. I know some of you are anxious, and I'm sorry - but I'm having a hard time getting it down to the top 10 so I'm waiting for some more input. This is a good problem. We got more than 10 pretty good entries. It's gonna suck having to get rid of some.
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October 2018
Happening this month:
Oct 03:
Warning was release 18 years ago today!
Oct 10:
Insomniac was released 23 years ago
Oct 11:
Happy Birthday, Matt! He turns 27 today.
Oct 14:
nimrod. was released 21 years ago.
Oct 31:
Happy Halloween!