Some of you have noticed an icon on the top right of the news page on the new It's a stack of newspapers with the headline "3 new albums for Green Day". So we started getting in emails and comments almost immediately asking us whether this was true, so I thought it was important to address it right away.

The headline is not new, it's from this NME article from back in 2006. The article doesn't say the band is releasing 3 new albums, it said they had been working on enough songs for 3 albums. Every time the band records, they write a shitload of songs, see what they like and what they want to keep and continue working from there. This was in 2006, so it's very fair to say Green Day has since then come up with many more songs after deciding what direction to take the new album in. We don't know how long the album will be. As for that icon, it's only for pretty and people are looking WAY too much into it. The band isn't dropping subtle hints with it (trust us, we asked).

For some real fun about that icon, check this out.
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