Hey everyone! Hopefully, we'll get to go participate soon in all the Green Day excitement first hand like the lucky folks in the East Bay, CA. C'mon Green Day, give us east coasters some love! Better yet, let's get this world tour on its way.......it's been 5 years! We're ready. In the meantime folks, enjoy Andres' updates from Twitter on the right side of GDA.

There is a really awesome review of the DNA Lounge show on April 9, 2009 at NBC Bay Area. The review is fantastic, and it includes pictures, and 2 videos of Green Day playing "Viva La Gloria" and "Live at Indy". The reviewer also talks about the new songs, and even compares "Know Your Enemy" to a My Chemical Romance song...which I don't see the resemblance but oh well. The one downside about the article, the reviewer refers to our favorite front man as Billy Joe. He's in one of the biggest bands of the last (almost) two decades, can't you spell his name right?! Geez...

There's already a website for the American Idiot play, which you can purchase tickets now for the upcoming shows in September. The event is being held at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre in Berekely, CA, and the tickets are $32-54 each. Click here for more information. And check out the sweet video there as well. Andres already mentioned this website in a small part of an update, but I thought it deserved more attention.

UPDATE: I'm trying to keep up with the flood of new information that's coming in from the show right now. So far, Andres has noted that there are special 21st Century Break Down t-shirts being sold. Also, everyone who is at the show received a booklet of lyrics and artwork from the new album. Andres will take a picture when there is better lighting. I'm updating the Picture Vault with photos as I receive them. You have a couple of Twitters you can follow for updates too, Andres' Twitter, Courtney's Twitter, and GDA's Twitter.

The show tonight is being recorded. Several people have reported being filmed and asked to sign waivers for a DVD, and Andres spotted cameras all over the place.

UPDATE @ 12:18AM EST: Just got word Green Day is now starting the show. More pictures loaded in the Picture Vault. I'm finding pictures all over the place. Please let me know if one of them is yours if you'd like credit. E-mail me here.

UPDATE @ 12:55AM EST: The Set List
21st Century Breakdown
Know Your Enemy
Viva la Gloria!
Before the Lobotomy (Note: title came from the headline of a San Francisco Chronicle article)
Christian's Inferno
Last Night on Earth (with a disco ball made of skulls as the background visuals)
East Jesus Nowhere
Last of the American Girls
Murder City
Viva la Gloria? (Little Girl)
Horseshoes & Handgrenades
The Static Age
American Eulogy Pt 1: Mass Hysteria
Pt 2: Modern World
See the Light
Very short break....
American Idiot
Jesus of Suburbia (with a shout out to Gilman Street)
St. Jimmy
Welcome to Paradise
Going to Pasalacqua
King for a Day/Shout

UPDATE @ 2:34AM EST: The show just ended! I'm sure we'll have a lot of more photos coming in from the show, plus Andres is going to write a full review! Again, check out the photos recently added here. Thanks to greendayvideos.com, Marie, and all the tweets updating with songs, pictures, and what not. You can read the play by play and how it went down on my update, which I'm gonna leave up.
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