has a great article about 21st Century Breakdown, and an interview with Mike Dirnt. It's sort of a "how did this album form" article, with some mention of the whole Wal-Mart issue, the process of making the album, and the Foxboro Hot Tubs. Best line comes from Mike talking about how pissed off he was to be driving around a minivan after his old VW truck broke down: "But if you see someone rolling down the street listening to Circle Jerks or Husker Du really loud in a minivan, it's probably me."

Last night, my friend Greg was pulled on stage by Billie Joe and he planted a nice long kiss on him (here's a nice picture), then went on to sing Longview. I'm so freaking excited for him, especially cause all the reviews I keep reading mention the man-love, and because Greg is a huge Green Day fan (GDA reader as well) and one of the nicest guys I've ever met.
Here's a video. Go Greg!

The Seattle Weekly also posted a review of last nights show, where they have more nice things to say about the band and their performance. "Green Day is clearly a band intent on giving people their money's worth and thoroughly enjoying themselves in the process, which are ultimately the most important ingredients for a satisfying arena rock show".

I'm really excited to announce that we've added Jimmy to the team as a news editor for GDA. Some of you might know Jimmy from other sites, 1039SweetChildren and GreenDayOnline, and before then, Green Day Land. He's been very dedicated in bringing Green Day news, and I'm excited that he'll be helping us out here. His first post will be later on with any information about tonight's show in Vancouver. Welcome to the team, Jimmy!
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