Show Recap: Boston, MA

By Fuzz / Jul. 21, 2009 /
Green Day played last night in Boston, MA to a sold out show of just over 13,000 fans at the TD Garden arena.

Setlist was similar, only difference was that Billie played an acoustic version of Macy's Day Parade right before the last song.

You can find some videos from the show on cmrnmrphy's YouTube account. He currently has about 18 clips or full videos from the show.

Here's a review from the Boston Globe
The Green Day frontman was a tireless, one-man spirit machine. Over the course of a long, but rarely flagging, two-hours-and-10-minute show by the acclaimed pop punk trio, Armstrong successfully urged the sold-out crowd of 13,380 to jump, sing, wave, dance, and, much to security's chagrin, flood the part of the floor that was general admission.

Here's one picture and another picture from last night (more should be expected on that Flickr page later on). Since the show ended only a few hours ago, not too much else to post. If you have pictures or find more videos, feel free to post them in the comments.
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