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Episode 28: The druken live episode

This week Andres, Alex, Matt, Mikey and Tony have a few drinks and talk about Billie Joe on stage, Mike Dirnt having a new kid, and the Grammy nominations.

Length: 1hr 8mins

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Topic Discussed
Billie Joe returning to the musical for 50 performances

Mike Dirnt and wife Brittney have daughter, Ryan Ruby Mae Pritchard


We're now taking guitar entries for the Record a Song project

When It's Time by Matt and Mikey

Song of the Week convo for When It's Time

Andres' Ice Cream Van

The answer to last weeks trivia is "Basketcase"

Listener Email
"Sup bitches.

Allow me to share my dream with you.
Ehem. Andres was finally able to get Billie Joe on the podcast. Everyone was super excited, and Mikey said he would only come if he found a pair of pants that would hide his erection. He searched a few stores, and found an orange plaid pair that hid his man parts perfectly. But Andres said that Billie hates the color orange, and so Mikey couldn't come. Alex didn't show either because he was on a picnic with Dai. It was only Andres and Matt that would talk with Billie, and so they all flew to Oakland to meet up. Pretty soon Andres got really nervous and began to sweat like crazy. Matt then sat on Andres's lap to cover up his sweat marks. I don't remember what Billie said, but he mentioned something about his son and how he loves wrestling. Somehow a hot and sweaty Andres provoked that. And that's about it. Great interview, in my mind.
Hope you enjoyed.

Hugs and kisses (and a slap on the ass), Shelby"

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