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Hello Green Day Authority. I'm Dylan, and I was just added to the GDA Team as a writer/editor. You can also find me on the forum as stjimmy31295. I'll mainly be working with Amanda and Andres on Editorial projects, but I'll also be submitting news from time to time. So, here we go.

The past decade has been a new era of music, not only for the pop airwaves, but for the punk rock movement. In a decade that some have called the "Decade of Auto-Tune and Synthesizer Beats", music just ain't what it used to be. When Green Day released American Idiot in 2004, they set the standard on rock music to another level of sophistication. Punk Rock ceased to be an extension of the rebellious underground and morphed into an outlet for the underclass and upperclass alike.

Rolling Stone placed American Idiot at 22 of their 100 Best Albums of the 2000s list.

Bob Dylan, Eminem, Jay-Z, and Radiohead are a few of the bands that placed higher than Green Day.

Thanks to Jules M. for sending this news.
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