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This is part 3 of "Scattered Memories" by Carl Anastasi, recalling memories about every song in Green Day's evolving catalogue. It's still very early in the series, but you might be able to look back in a few years and say...

I Was There

My favourite part...

"But I don't let it get me down
Or cause me too much sorrow"

Strangely enough the memory of this song and what it makes me think about has pretty much no bearing on the song itself or what it is about. That is one thing I find wonderful about music, and the fact that Green Day tops the pile for me, as it creates a soundtrack to total random events in my life.

Out and about one night (looking for Blood, Sex and Booze), I was in my local town Romford with a mate and decided to go to a nightclub called Opium. It was rock night and as soon as we got in the place was pretty much empty so I sensed my chance to monopolise the DJ and get something played.

With an obvious band in mind I approached the DJ booth to request a tune. At this point I was greeted with a dream response (pretty loose recollection of how it went):

"Me: "Have you got any Green Day?"

DJ: "I love Green Day!"

DJ *opens one of those CD flip over cases and has every single album of theirs. Immediately becomes a legend.* "What would you like me to play?"

Me: "Surprise me, anything you want to play that isn't Basket Case or something obvious that always gets played"

This isn't because I dislike these songs, it was just a great chance to hear something different by Green Day on a night out.

"DJ: OK I'll pick one of my favourites off an older album."

As I went back to my mate I'll admit I didn't really listen to him in anticipation of what would be played. I was totally intrigued as to what this random Green Day loving DJ stranger would choose.

Then bang, it came on, I Was There. I was totally surprised at his selection and somewhat impressed, with that choice he managed to give me a new found appreciation for the song. Even though I've heard the song a tonne of times before, there's something so uniquely different and raw about hearing it in a club for everyone to hear.

Wherever that DJ is now, you're a legend and you made my night!
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