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...and a son of a bitch!


My favourite part...

"Look at my friends and see what they've done
Ask myself why they've had to change
I like them better when they were young"

There's something about this song that I've come to respect and notice more than I ever did prior to having to write about it. There's that timeless quality in the fact that it's essentially about growing up and 'getting older and older all the time'. That's something we all have to deal with and funnily enough brings out a whole list of (Gael) cliché's in my mind (football rhyming slang!).

I always get the impression of that underlying feeling the human race has of wanting what it can't have - when you're young you want be old and when you're old you want to be young again. I say to hell with all that, I'm all for nostalgia but let's live for now and the future!

What stands out above all else for me though and what '16' makes me think about is the loss of friends and even to some extent family throughout time. There have been countless occasions where I've changed or people I knew changed and we've drifted apart. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst.

I used to write lyrics and poetry in my days at school right up until now and sadly had a disappointing experience with it all when I was 16 or 17. A lot of it was quite private and I didn't really want the world to know but it was stolen by my 'best friends' at the time and that led to a pretty ugly end to my friendship with people I'd known for years.

It's a long time ago now and though I still see those old friends from time to time randomly, 'nothing ever will be the same'. Regardless of that I'd like to think of the good times we had rather than just remembering the bad and whatever and however it happened, some things are just meant to be.

I was a bit of a dick to people at school and part of me just wants to say sorry to those people now that I hurt. I don't believe in living life in regret but part of me just wanted to say it because although it wasn't always my fault for losing touch with people, sometimes it was.

by Carl Anastasi
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