Road to Acceptance

My favourite part...

"I take a look around
And all the things I've found
I call it blind hatred"

In the last year or so 'Road to Acceptance' has found itself being played more and more often in my ears than any other song off this particular album. For a long time it was one of those that I would skip past frequently and until recent times I'd underrated it.

Since growing up, gaining responsibility of my life and having to work for a living I found my personal punk ethos being challenged. To me punk has always generally just meant doing what I want - no more no less. How could I do that and then end up in the rat race?

Nowadays I've had to 'sculpt my working life for the acceptance of others'. I'll rot away at work to pay the bills but it's a case of working to live and not living to work. At the beginning it was all very difficult to accept and I'd sing-a-long with such anger and venom to this song feeling 'blind hatred' for everything I saw and the ideals of everyone for becoming robots and 'wondering what the next man thinks of me'.

In time although things have changed I've still held onto my morals and refuse to conform to the 'rules of man'.

I'm a little older, a little wiser and some of the time I do what I have to, the rest of the time... I do what I want.

by @CarlAnastasi
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