Hey people. I hope everyone is well. I'm not I'm been coughing constantly since I woke up this morning. Oh well. If you don't know, all 3 guys recently updating their audio messages at Greenday.com. Tre was first to update his message on 1.21 talking about the Aspen performance and how they got to throw snowballs at people and went snowboarding. Oh yeah, and they made fun of Carrot Top! Good, he's annoying. Billie updated his on 1.22 giving us information on the tour. He says that it will be a festival type show (ie. Family Values) called the "Pop Diaster Tour" and that Green Day and Blink 182 will be the headliners. He says Jimmy Eat World will also be joining them. Mike finally updated today, talking about how cold it is in the Bay area. Plus he confirms that the tour will take place. Well, that's about all I have for you today...Oh and to everyone that's been signing my guestbook, thank you very much for the compliments! I'll do everything I can to make this one of the best GD sites on the net! Green Day will also be on the cover of the UK Magazine "Total Guitar" this month. Click on the cover to go to their website. AND Chris Isaak's Website posted some pictures from the upcoming episode of the show with Green Day. For show times, check the GD TV Guide +

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October 2018
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Oct 03:
Warning was release 18 years ago today!
Oct 10:
Insomniac was released 23 years ago
Oct 11:
Happy Birthday, Matt! He turns 27 today.
Oct 14:
nimrod. was released 21 years ago.
Oct 31:
Happy Halloween!