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Sorry I haven't updated this weekend, I was sorta busy. Anyway, Guitar Center is having a contest to win Mike's bass. Click here to enter. Guitar Center also has an exclusive interview with our man Mike. Click here to read it. Also at LAUNCH, they reported on Billie Joe's recent audio message at Greenday.com. That article can be read by clicking here. Dookie is also being featured on a new VH1 show called Ultimate Albums, which will air March 17 @ 9:00PM EST. For more information, click here. That information has also been added to the Green Day TV Guide. All of the venues that were previously TBA are now updated on the tour page. Speaking of the Pop Disaster Tour, it is now the highest selling tour at Ticketmaster and it's #2 on Pollstar's Top 50 Most Requested Concerts. That's awesome. I hope everyone got their tickets! Well, keep posting your comments in my guestbook (I think there is something wrong with it because it keeps reloading for me, but I'll try to fix it), and have fun. Oh, BTW, I also updated my about me page.

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October 2019
Happening this month:
Oct 03:
Warning was released 19 years ago today!
Oct 10:
Insomniac was released 24 years ago
Oct 14:
nimrod. was released 22 years ago.
Oct 31:
Happy Halloween!