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Alternative Press's 4.19.02 Arizonaupcoming issue includes 2 covers; blink-182 & Green Day, Green Day, and blink-182. Click here for a preview of the covers and to order the issues if you can't find it anywhere in stores. AZ Central did a review of last night's Pop Disaster performance in Arizona. They also have a "slideshow" of pictures from the show (one is pictured to the right), which you can check out here. There are NO blink-182 pictures though, just Jimmy Eat World and Green Day. The article actually disses blink's performance! The last line in the article (written by Reach Pabst) is "Blink, grow up." :\ The GDA Contest has started! Enter to win a new 2002 Pop Disaster shirt. I have also finally opened the Pictures Vault, but I don't have all the pictures on it yet. I need pictures of Billie Joe, Mike, and Tre so if you want, send me some. Also if you find something that doesn't work, please let me know. Pop Disaster pictures I have so far are on Concert Pictures Page 3. Two new fans and one updated information were added to the Fan List also. I also added some new quotes to the Quotes page. And last, I'd like to congratulate my friends Nicole & George on their marriage! :)
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