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Green Day on The Campaign button
Last night, announced that a new Green Day song, "99 Revolutions," will be featured in the credits of the upcoming movie The Campaign.

"99 Revolutions" will be on the forthcoming ¡Tre!, the last album in the bands upcoming trilogy of albums. The Campaign hits theaters in just a few days on August 10th, five months before ¡Tre! is set to be released. The song is described in the article as an "up-tempo track has plenty more punk than recently released Green Day single "Oh Love." In addition, it's a rallying cry for the Occupy movement, contrasting the 99-percenters to the top 1%. Hence the name."

There has been no word whether or not the song will get an official release around the time that the movie premieres. It seems crazy that we are going to get to hear a song off of ¡Tre! before we even get to listen to ¡Uno! all the way through.

You can read the full article announcing "99 Revolutions" over on Interested in seeing the movie? Click here to watch the trailer for "The Campaign."

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