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By Courtney /May. 21, 2002 / Comments
Finally, GDA is back after a server change! I'm sorry if this inconvienced anyone, but the new server has tons more space and features to make GDA even better. Now to catch up on some NEWS. First of all, Greenday.com recently posted this warning from Billie Joe about the Pop Disaster Tour. Click on the picture to your right. They also posted a ton of new pictures from the recent 2002 Japanese Tour. The track list for the new b-side/rarities album "Shenanigans" is rumored to be released July 2nd, and the track list has been released also, confirmed by CDon.com :

1. Suffocate

2. Desensitized

3. You Lied

4. Outsider

5. Don't Wanna Fall In Love

6. Espionage

7. D.U.I. (Tre's new song)

8. Scumbag

9. I Want To Be On Tv

10. Tired Of Waiting

11. Sick Of Me

12. Rotting

13. Do Da Da

14. On The Wagon

15. Ha Ha You're Dead

Hrmm...the only ones I'm really looking forward to hearing are D.U.I. and Ha Ha You're Dead...but whatever. Well I have to say Congratulations to Orla Smyth, who won 409 Online's recent contest. Also Darren from New Talent would like you guys to click here to vote if the International Supersites Directory should come back. I say vote yes. That site was awesome. Well, that's all I have for. If you experience any problems with the new server, please e-mail me. A new Mp3 of the Week was picked, it's "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend". Downloaded that on the Multimedia page. One new fan was added to the Fan List and also a new peice was added to the Fan Art. Keep that art coming!
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