Green Day performing at Irving Plaza this past Saturday
This past week, Green Day made their way from California to New York City to do some promotion for their upcoming trilogy. The band made a couple television appearances, as Good Morning America and America's Got Talent viewers were both treated to performances from the band.

The highlight of Green Day's New York takeover was their show at Irving Plaza on Saturday Night. I was lucky enough to be in attendance at the show taking pictures for GDA and I can honestly say that this was the best Green Day show that I've ever seen. Green Day was on their A-game as they came out and played for close to two and half hours without stopping at all.

Setlists at Green Day's smaller club shows are always out-of-this-world and are full of new or rare songs. In the case of this show, we got the best of both worlds with the band playing "Welcome To Paradise," "Murder City," and "Know Your Enemy" for a live stream on The Warner Sound channel over on YouTube. After the stream ended the band played through some new songs off of ¡Uno! and ¡Dos! before going into a bunch of hits that spanned the band's whole career. For me, the real highlight of the night was the band playing one rare song after another. "Only of You," "Disappearing Boy," "Christie Road," "Coming Clean," "409 In Your Coffeemaker," "J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva)," "Brat," "Stuck With Me," "At the Library," "Paper Lanterns," and "F.O.D." are just a few of the rare songs that the band performed.

The band closed the show with "American Idiot" and a new song from ¡Tre!, "99 Revolutions." You can view the whole setlist for the show over in our tour section.

Take a look at some GDA exclusive pictures that I took at the show on Saturday in this album of our Picture Vault.

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On the night of September 13th Billie Joe and Jason White played a surprise set at Jesse Malin's bar, The Bowery Electric. The duo played through some new material off of the trilogy. We got a good video of "Rusty James" out the performance. You can see the video and read more about the performance in this post.

The next night Green Day played "Oh Love" on the season finale of America's Got Talent. You can see some pictures from the band's performance in this album of our Picture Vault or view a video in this post.

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Bright and early the next morning the band performed a short set of songs for Good Morning America on the roof of a building in Times Square. The band played "Oh Love," "Holiday," "Basket Case," and "Stay the Night." You can see some pictures from the band's performance in this album of our Picture Vault or view videos of the performance in this post.

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At some point the band also stopped by the Serious XM Satellite Radio studios for an interview. I'm not sure when the interview aired, but if anyone was able to record it feel free to send it in to us. You can see some pictures of Green Day in the studio in this album of our Picture Vault.

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