The second album in Green Day's trilogy, ¡Dos!, is set to be released on November 13th (less than a month and a half away). According to Billie Joe, the album will have a more "garage-y" feel. In a couple of interviews, Billie went as far as calling ¡Dos! "the second Foxboro album." That thought alone should get you out of bed on November 13th.

Check out the music page for ¡Dos!

The band and company have been busy with the release of ¡Uno!, and all that has gone on lately. Thus, we really haven't gotten too much information specifically having to do with ¡Dos!. But, according to the confirmation email that was sent to those who ordered the Ultimate Box Set, a new single is supposed to be released on October 9th. This is not set in stone, since we know that there was some contradicting information and mixed-up release dates with the other ¡Uno! singles already released. I guess you really can't blame them, though...there haven't been many opportunities to practice triple-album promotion in the past; this is the first time.

GreenDay.com has just released the track list for ¡Dos! in this news post. The track listing is as follows:

1. See You Tonight
2. Fuck Time
3. Stop When The Red Lights Flash
4. Lazy Bones
5. Wild One
6. Makeout Party
7. Stray Heart
8. Ashley
9. Baby Eyes
10. Lady Cobra
11. Nightlife
12. Wow! That's Loud
13. Amy

The cover of ¡Dos!
The 'leaked' version
The version from the stage at the Echoplex show

"Stray Heart" has been added to the track list, which was originally thought to be appearing on ¡Tré! which is being released in January. Also, "Drama Queen" has been dropped, and presumably moved to ¡Tré!.

Along with the track list, GreenDay.com announced that you can now pre-order ¡Dos! from Amazon.

What will the first single be? We aren't sure at the moment. Others have noted that the starred song titles on the ¡Uno! track list that was also onstage at the Echoplex later turned out to be singles in some form. Some have suggested "Fuck Time" and "Stop When The Red Lights Flash" as likely candidates, while others have mentioned the recently-previewed "Lazy Bones," which you can listen to below:

Lazy Bones

Previews of five other tracks from ¡Dos! were leaked when Green Day "took over" Zane Lowe's radio show in London. Here are the snippets:

Makeout Party:

Lady Cobra:


Wild One:

It's Fuck Time:

Whew! That was a lot of information. All in all, I'm really confident that ¡Dos! will turn out to be a favorite album for a lot of Green Day fans. Tell us what you think about the album/official track list in the comments!
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