Billie Joe on the new issue of Total Guitar
Billie Joe is on the cover of the newest Total Guitar in an article titled "Return To Paradise". The four page article gets into some specifics about the equipment used to record the trilogy:

"I played this old '65 Double Anniversary Gretsch a lot and I played my Les Paul Juniors. ... I'm on the left side of the speaker and Jason White is on the right side of the speaker, and he'd play a lot of Les Paul Juniors and he'd mess around with Silvertones and things like that."

He also talks about playing more solos in the new material,
"I always had [solos] in my arsenal of guitar playing, if you will. I used to use it live, but not really, and on the very early records I did it more often. On ¡Dos! and ¡Tre! it gets even more intense. It's more just about having fun. [...] On American Idiot, I started getting into more tasteful, appropriate things. But, this time, I almost wanted to play things that were deliberately not tasteful and inappropriate! So, we were just like 'Fuck it, lets fucking tear up a fucking guitar solo right now'"

The interviewer also talks about Troublemaker and Rusty James, songs that "seem to be a slight middle finger to those attitudes from the punk scene elite". Billie Joe responds about a fine line between being an "angry young man and a bitter old fart", then goes on to talk about John Lydon from the Sex Pistols.

Billie also gives a good answer to the question "Do you still consider yourself a punk guitarist?". Read the full interview over the articles section.

Thanks to stuart_and_the_ave for posting these scans on our forum.
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