Green Day songs to be featured on CSI: NY
Green Day's YouTube channel has just released a new trailer for the upcoming episode of CSI New York that will feature Green Day's music. The episode will be airing next Friday, October 19th on CBS at 8pm EST.

The trailer reveals that in the first half hour of the show there will be no dialog which makes me assume that most of the show will be set to Green Day's music. This could make the show almost like one big music video which would definitely make things interesting. The thirty second spot describes the show as "ground breaking new CSI New York that deifies words."

In a press release that was issued earlier this week it was revealed that songs used in the show would include "Stop When The Red Lights Flash," "Amy," "Night Life," "The Forgotten" and "Kill The DJ."

The trailer, which you can view below, features a new song off ¡Dos! entitled "Stop When The Red Lights Flash."

The press release included a quote from CSI: NY executive producer Pam Veasey about her views on the episode.

"My ultimate goal was to tell a story without dialogue, and Green Day's music and lyrics beautifully accompanied the visuals making it a very special episode."

You can read the full press release from CBS on Tune in with us next Friday, October 19th at 8pm with us to watch the episode.

Interested in hearing "Stop When The Red Lights Flash" a little early? You can watch Green Day performing the song living from Irving Plaza in September by clicking here.
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