Billie Joe on the piano
As we've reported before, the soundtrack to the new Twilight movie, Breaking Dawn, Part II, will feature a new Green Day track, titled, "The Forgotten." Monday morning, the soundtrack became available on iTunes for pre-orders and song previews were released as well.

If you're interested in hearing a long clip of the piano-driven "The Forgotten," click here to be taken to the soundtrack's iTunes page.

On Friday evening, we were lucky enough to hear a clip of the song from the Green Day-scored episode of CSI. There are countless videos on YouTube that have the clip from the show.

You may remember a few weeks ago when Hollywood Reporter reported that the lead single from the soundtrack would be "The Forgotten." They said that the song would be released on October 23rd to all digital retailers (iTunes, Amazon, etc). Obviously, that date has come and passed and no "The Forgotten."

We were able to find the original press release, which mentions nothing about the track being released on October 23rd.

I think it would be appropriate to quote the song: "Where in the world is the forgotten?"
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