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Ah, yes...Dookie. Is there a Green Day fan out there who doesn't like Dookie? Sure, maybe another album is your favorite, but Dookie is a monumental piece of Green Day's catalogue that can't be overlooked. Everyone's got their special song from Dookie. Even those of us who weren't even around in 1994 ( appreciate what Dookie did for the band. If they hadn't had this "break-out" album, Green Day might not even be performing publicly today.

If you want to buy a physical copy of the album, why not get it in its purest form?: vinyl! Not just ordinary vinyl, either...colored vinyl! These are really awesome. Usually, when an album is pressed on colored vinyl, very limited quantities are produced. Sometimes they're even numbered to under 1,000. That's why it's worth a quick eBay check every once in awhile to see if you can snag one at a low price. We've done the checking for you, so here are three different colors of Dookie! (Yes, that was supposed to sound gross, hehe.)

Note: These vinyls differ quite a bit in price from auction to auction: some are older pressings than others, which drives up the price. This is specifically evident in the green vinyls, the most common ones. Check out all of the options we've linked to and see which pressing you like best.

#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6
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