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Trilogy artwork designed by Chris Billheimer
Artist Chris Billheimer, who has designed every Green Day album cover since nimrod, recently talked to Entertainment Weekly to talk about the design for ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tre!.

Here's an excerpt from the interview where he talks about the goal and how it came together:

" When I went in the first day, Billie Joe [Armstrong, the lead singer] had taken pictures of everyone with his iPhone, had drawn big X's over their eyes, and had pinned them up on the wall. I ended up really liking that idea. That was our starting off point, these graffiti'd pictures that he had done. [...]

In keeping with the quick and dirty style of the record -- as opposed to it being a big, orchestrated rock opera -- we didn't go with a big photo shoot for the covers. Everyone shot their own photos with their iPhones. All three of those photos were taken by Billie Joe, Mike [Dirnt], and Tré [Cool]. They took them themselves and texted me their photos. It just kept with the spirit of the record. It was very DIY, lo-fi, and fun"

Visit EW's Music Mix blog for the full interview.
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