New photos section with over 28k photos
You can never have too many photos of Green Day, right? Well, I think you probably can, and I'm pretty sure we're hitting a level of stalkerish proportions with our new photos section, which has over 28,000 Green Day pictures spanning from the early early days up to their most recent performance.

We've completely redesigned the old 'picture vault' into a new photos section which gives users a quick and much better integrated way to browse and view photos.

Quick Tip: When you're viewing an album (example) or a single photo you can use your keyboard's left and right arrows to browse back and forth between the pages/photos in that album. A nice and quick way to check out everything inside an album.

So if you're looking for some old photos of Green Day on tour with Blink 182, or photos from the Foxboro Hot Tubs, you'll find something in the new photos section.

Any suggestions on how we could improve it? Send an email to me -

Huge thanks to BeachBum and Lindsay who have been uploading hundreds of photos with stuff we didn't have before, better quality photos, and helping organize and give this section some much needed love.
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