Part 3 of our Green Day biography now available
We got part 3 of our biography up and ready for your eyeballs to consume. This part covers Green Day's career from American Idiot through the release of ¡Uno!, ¡Dos!, and ¡Tre!. Here's a piece talking about the bands success after American Idiot's release.
"American Idiot debuted at number one on the charts on September 21, 2004. This was the first sign that Green Day were back in full force. The album went on to produce five singles, two of which ("Holiday" and "Boulevard of Broken Dreams") shot straight up to number one. The album also won the 2005 Grammy Award for "Best Rock Album," and seven of the eight VMAs for which it was nominated. "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" won the 2006 Grammy for "Best Rock Record." The American Idiot Tours, which kicked off on October 1, 2004, were perhaps the pinnacle of the band's world-takeover. The first leg started in modest venues across North America, but by the final leg, Green Day was selling out massive stadiums holding up to 65,000 people."

Check out part 3 right here, or you can read the full bio starting with their childhood.

If our three part series isn't enough for you, we suggest reading the book "Nobody Likes You" by Marc Spitz (check it out on Amazon).
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