Fan made artwork for "X-Kid"
Although some radio stations have already picked up on the song, today, "X-Kid" gets its official radio debut.

"X-Kid" is Green Day's fifth single from the ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tre! trilogy and the first from ¡Tre!. The band released a "cassette tape" video for the song in December to promote the song, no plans for an official video featuring the band have been announced.

As of a few days ago, the track had cracked the top 30 of the Active Rock Chart. Hopefully that's goes all the way to number one and crosses over to other charts as well.

EDIT: The track is at #27 on the Active Rock Chart.

Let's try and get as many radio stations to pick up on "X-Kid." We can try and do this by calling our local radio stations and requesting that they play the song. Don't have "X-Kid" yet? You can buy the song on iTunes and Amazon or listen to it Spotify.

No one kill me for this, but I think that the words of Fall Out Boy are relevant here, "The Take Over, The Break's Over."

Note: The album artwork featured to the right is not the official artwork for the song, it was made by Matt.
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