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Limited-edition Kerplunk Converse
As you may know by now, Converse has made limited-edition shoes out of a multitude of Green Day album artwork. There are shoes for Dookie, American Idiot, ¡UNO!, ¡DOS!, and ¡TRÉ! (all of which have been released fairly recently). Now, Converse has even released some insanely cool Kerplunk-themed shoes.

We aren't sure exactly how long these have been out; all that we know is that they're for sale now. In my opinion, these are the best-looking of all the album-themed shoes released so far. I love the kelly green color, and the fact that they kept the design pretty straightforward.

While I think the other shoes we've seen are definitely interesting, I feel like these Kerplunk ones are the most "wearable," in that you wouldn't get 100 crazy looks every time you wore them. I also love the old school logo on the tongue, and the smiling flower designs on the inside lining. I'll probably be buying a pair of these, and you should too!
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