e new song American Idiot has taken over the WORLD. It's only been out for 1 week and already at number 10 on the BillBoard. It's true click here. It also is the 3rd most downloaded song on iTunes.YAY FOR GREEN DAY YOU GUYS ARE FUCKING KICKING ASS!!!
Green Day will be in the new October A.P. Magazine so look out for it. I will have some scans as soon as it gets in. A.P.

For those of you college folks. You can see the American Idiot Video and Making the Video on MTVU on the 16th and 17th! The rest of us have to wait till the 18th to catch it on MTV2

GDA Update:
Ok as you can probably tell we are gonna have a new layout soon! Well along with this new layout, I am building a Streaming Media section. This is the place where you can hear EVERY Green Day song, get the lyrics, and the tabs! Now i want people to send me mp3's of thier own band, playing a Green Day cover, or anything original! Email me those at andres04@gmail.com. Along with the mp3 give me your Band's Name! I am gonna have a place just for "New Music" so send those in before next Friday! Thanx
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Happy Birthday, Matt! He turns 27 today.
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Happy Halloween!