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Wow here's a change in pace! I got Give me Novacaine from an ANONYMOUS SOURCE!! << "there's your credit" (LiveGreenDay said "There wasn't a need for the "THERE'S YOUR CREDIT" crack.") . Anyways, the song is a different pace that the others we've heard. You can listen to the song in the player at the top right corner. And you can sing along with the lyrics here Thanks to Rosario for these.
Also just a couple of reminders and one new article. This article is from RollingStone.com and it got a pretty decent rating. So check it out.

Here's another article that just came out from Spin Magazine

Also just dont forget guys will be performing 'American Idiot' on David Letterman (September 20th), but they'll also appear on MTV's The Leak (starting September 14th) on MTV.com. For those of you who can't get Letterman i will have the show online HOPEFULLY like 1 hr after it premiers

The Didja Know was updated...so check it out here

Ok everyone there are two more songs out Shoplifter and Governator You can find both right here I will get them hosted up on here as soon as i fix the media server.
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