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After last nights show for the American Idiot musical, Green Day walked on stage and played 'American Idiot' and 'Basket Case'. We had seen a tweet posted earlier in the day that said the band might perform, I'm happy J'net convinced me to go to the show (my thanks to Tanya for selling her extra ticket).

Playbill has a good write up about the bonus performance:
"Pay for a Broadway show and get a Green Day set as an added bonus. That is, at least, what the capacity crowd at the April 22 performance of American Idiot got.

Following the full guitar-equipped cast's bow and encore, the curtain rose once more, and a "roadie" (on Broadway: union stagehand) brought out two microphone stands. The decibel level rose even higher as Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tre Cool - aka Green Day - took to the stage. "

Click here to watch a video of it on YouTube. Right now there aren't any really great quality ones, however, MTV was there filming (hence the reason Billie Joe censored himself during the lyrics "mind-fuck America") so we can probably expect a real good version to come from them.

They sounded pretty damn good up there.

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