Brittney and Mike on tour
While on tour, most night's of the week Green Day plays to sold out venues around the world, but there is more to the band's tour life than what is seen on stage each night. Mike Dirnt's wife Brittney has recently been documenting her travels around the world with the band; I present to you, The Muse Diaries.

"Where to begin on this one... Yes, it may seem luxurious to go out on tour!!!!! The truth of it is- LOTS OF WORK!!!!! Having two little ones, ages four and two. Life on wheels never seemed more daunting! The #1 Rule on the Bus is NO POOPING!!!!! So, when your on the bus for 10+ hours how do you allow your little ones to poop???? Bag it!!!!! Yes, I said "bag it" and if one doesn't get that, it's better you don't!"

The Muse Diaries is a simple day-to-day account of what happens behind the scenes and gives you a different perspective of the typical Green Day show. Head over to to read Brittney's journey through Green Day's most recent tour.
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