DVD cover of ¡CUATRO!
On the eve of the one year anniversary of ¡UNO!, Green Day has released the final installment for the "Trilogy era," their making of DVD ¡CUATRO!.

¡CUATRO! documents the Green Day's journey through the album writing process for the band's most ambitious idea to date, releasing three albums between September and December 2012. Originally, the documentary was an exclusive for fans who ordered the "Ultimate Trilogy box set," but after the DVD was bundled in the European re-release of ¡TRE! the band decided to release the documentary world wide.

You can either download or rent ¡CUATRO! in HD from iTunes now for either $15.99 or $4.99 respectively. If you're looking for a physical copy of the DVD you can either go to your local Best Buy store or order a copy online form Amazon for $13.99.

Yesterday, Green Day uploaded a fourth and final teaser for the release to their YouTube channel. In this video we see Billie Joe talking about inviting outsiders into the album writing process, along with a live performance of "Nuclear Family" from the band's surprise show at the Tiki Bar in 2011.

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