Photo by Jim Agius
Green Day's garage-rock side project the Foxboro Hot Tubs are playing a surprise gig at Eli's Mile High Club in Oakland, California RIGHT NOW. We're able to confirm this from multiple sources. The show also featured a few other punk bands, but was billed as having a "Secret Headliner." The show was sold out in advance. Apparently, were 50 tickets being sold at the door, but they are now all gone.

Earlier this afternoon, we at GDA got a news submission from an anonymous email address saying that "the foxies" were to play a show tonight in Oakland. The kicker?: the submission was signed, "the rev" ("Reverend Strychnine Twitch" or "The Rev" is Billie Joe's alter-ego in the Foxboro Hot Tubs). We can't be sure of who actually sent it. But Reverend, if you're reading this, feel free to make use of our submission page anytime.

Nat Nesser, the sister of Billie Joe's wife, tweeted multiple times hinting at the appearance not too long ago:

Here are some photos from the show. View more here.

Here's a quick video!

Here are a few tweets from people at the show:

"Watching @niceguybrandon murder dudes' panties with #TheCriminals at Eli's. Green Day on next. Oops 👍"

One more video of "Stop Drop and Roll!!!":

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