Jason White
According to a report from Flavor Pill, a band by the name of California, which features a member of Green Day, will be playing this Saturday, March 29th, at a venue in San Francisco.

"A band called California with members of Jawbreaker and Green Day is purposefully or otherwise totally immune to search engines, but alluring nonetheless. The mysterious band plays the Hemlock Tavern with Oakland pop-punkers Wet Spots and C’est Dommage, an SF quartet that worships at the altar of Pavement and Low."

Flavor Pill doesn't explicitly mention which Green Day member it is that's in the band but according to reports it is Jason White. California played at Bottom of the Hill just last week on March 18th and the venue's website mentions Jason as being in the band.

California will be playing with Wet Spots and C'est Dommage at Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco this Saturday at 9pm. Tickets are available only at the door so Flavor Pill is recommending showing up early if you would like to go.

Thanks to gabbasuxx for posting this on the forum
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