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American Idiot tribute album
Kerrang!'s latest issue hit newsstands in the UK today and along with it comes the music magazine's tribute album to American Idiot.

The album, which is included with the latest issue of Kerrang!, features covers from 15 different bands including Bowling for Soup, Escape the Fate, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Frank Iero, to name a few. Each track from American Idiot is covered (some in pretty unique ways) along with two songs from Dookie. The full track listing can be viewed here.

For those outside of the UK or who don't have a local seller, the magazine can be purchased through Great Magazines for between £3.99 and £7.49 ($7 - $13) shipped.

Kerrang! is wanting to know which cover is its readers' favorite from the album. If you've been able to hear the album, head on over to Kerrang!'s site to vote in the poll here.

Let us know what you think of the covers in the comments below. Which is your favorite?
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