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Tre Cool doing his thing
LA Weekly has listed Tre Cool at #2 of the Top 5 Punk Drummers of All Time. He's placed between Nucky 'Topper' Headon from The Clash at #3 and Earl Hudson of Bad Brains who took the #1 spot.

Here's what they had to say about Tre:
"Tré Cool is why Travis Barker is off this list. He's simply more prolific than Barker — just listen to the rolls and explosive soloing on "Burnout" for a sample. After joining Green Day in 1991, Cool quickly made bassist Mike Dirnt sound even better than he was; the unspoken duty of any proper punk drummer. Soon, Cool would become the band's shot of adrenaline during a show. But more than just energy, Cool's got chops (which, unlike Barker, he never overindulges in). Through the years, he's gone from lightning fast to stadium-ready power and clarity — showcased masterfully on 2004's American Idiot. But both in terms of talent and wackiness, Cool will always be Green Day's freak. "

You can check out the complete top 5 over at LA

Thanks to nothing_wrong_with_me for posting this on our forum.
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