A third song from the band's upcoming album Revolution Radio has made its way onto the internet today.

Today we get to treat our ears to "Still Breathing," a deeply personal song written by Billie Joe about his recent struggles.

The song clocks in at 3:45 and is certainly not the type of song you'd expect to hear from Green Day. Check out the song below and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments. You can read the full lyrics in our music section here.

EDIT: The video was removed from YouTube. Instead, listen to a preview of the song below.

Here is what Rolling Stone published about the song earlier today in their review of the entire album.

"A junkie on the verge of death, a gambler about to lose everything and a wounded soldier on the front lines are all characters in a slow-building, unsettling track. "That was a very heavy song," says Armstrong. "Sometimes I run away from being too heavy. But sometimes it just comes out that way." The chorus, "I'm still breathing on my own" alludes to the fact that "at some point, we're all going to have to be on life support," says Armstrong. "As time goes on, your thoughts get darker."

ORIGINAL: It is unknown when the song will official be released on iTunes, Spotify, and others. There is however a page for it already on Spotify and some fans are suggesting they are able to hear the song via the streaming service.

UPDATE: The song is now available on iTunes:

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