We've got a pretty cool little set of collectibles to show you. Our featured eBay items are a rare crew shirt, guitar pick and drumstick being sold as a set!

Crew shirts, as the name suggests, are given to the local stage crew at every stop on a tour. The only way to get them is through crew members who choose to resell them, so they're fairly hard to come by. The one in this auction is from the 2002 Pop Disaster tour with Blink-182. It's size XL if you're looking to wear it!

The guitar pick is one of Billie Joe's from the American Idiot tour, featuring the band's logo on one side and the heart-shaped hand grenade symbol on the other. Tre's drumstick was used personally during a show and is one of his signature Zildjian sticks.

Right now, there are a few bids in the auction that have pushed it to $40. We've seen single crew shirts, single show-used drum sticks and single guitar picks sell for that much...so this is still a great deal. There's just over a week left until closing, so you've got some time if you're interested. This would make a great holiday gift for any Green Day lover in your life! Check it out!
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