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Mike Dirnt was recently interviewed by out of Switzerland . They talk about his favorite past times and what it's like to be in Green Day after so many years. Check out a couple quotes from the article below. The translated version can be found over at Green Day Community.

"BLICK: Why is it still cool to be in a rock band at 44?
Mike Dirnt: Because at any age, it's cool to make music. Music can not be physically touched but touched by it. It can make us laugh or cry. It can euphorize us, but also can be tuned deeply ... Music comes closest to magic.

They have been rocking for almost thirty years. Surprised that you have been so long?
Quitting was never an option. It is the same as when someone asks you how long you intend to run. No idea, you just make it simple. And is glad that it still works.

What is different today than in the 80s?
In the digital age everyone has a huge selection. What makes music interchangeable. Before, we had to sit for hours on the radio to listen to a song we liked. This gave you a much closer relationship with songs.

What is better: Facebook or Twitter?
Instagram! A picture is worth as much as a thousand words. I have no time for too many words.

Was there never a plan B in your life?
I come from the bottom. It could only get better in my life. My mother had problems with drugs. I was released for adoption. At 15, I went away from home, then worked on the construction, cook was in a sea fish restaurant and have been shipped for UPS packages. Survival was never a problem for me, hard not to work either. Had it not worked with Green Day, I would have done differently."


Thanks to desertrose for sharing this on our forum.
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