Last night, Green Day brought their Revolution Radio tour to the Southside Festival in Germany. During the band’s set, power to most of the stage set up went out, forcing Green Day to improvise. Thankfully, Billie Joe’s guitar rig still worked so he called on the fans to help keep the show going by singing along to his playing.

The 60,000+ person crowd pitched in to create an incredible chorus during “American Idiot” and “21 Guns”. Check out the videos posted by Billie Joe below showing the arm hair-raising moments.

As thundercatmary on our forum, GDC, puts it:
"Yep they lost power, I believe in the middle of American Idiot, but Billie went on playing and I believe played at least part of 21 guns. Apparently the only thing working was his guitar and one amp, from what I read. You can see it in one of the insta posts above. Green Day and Billie once again proving what professionals they are."

60,000 people.. Power goes out.. disaster? nope.. something special can happen. viva punk rock!

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