Billboard has released it's annual list of the highest-paid musicians to make you feel wholly inadequate about your music career. Good news is that Green Day made the list at number 40 with $11 million earned, mostly through touring in 2017.

The $11 million was brought in by $9.2m in touring, $818k in sales, $730k in streaming, and $843k in publishing. It is interesting that streaming and sales are that close. It's pretty standard for touring to be the primary way musicians make money these days.

Of course, every time lists like this come out, it's important to remind people that this doesn't mean Green Day members took home $11m. They have to pay crew, managers, agents, record companies, and a whole host of other costs that it takes to take a giant show on a worldwide tour.

The number 40 spot places them ahead of artists like Elton John, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift (granted, she didn't start touring until mid-2018). The number 1 spot went to U2 who brought in a huge $52 million in touring.

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