Here's an article from asking the very important question "Who is the Pink Bunny at the Green Day show?" They go through a list of names, and settle on Tre Cool, though they have no real proof (I don't think it is). It's none-the-less quite amusing.

"If you have been to a Green Day concert in the past few years, you know about the pink bunny that graces the stage before the band comes on. But who is the pink bunny? Why does he taunt us with his mysterious ways?

So who puts on the fluffy pink suit, day in and day out? We're going to get to the bottom of this. Let's go through the suspects, shall we?"

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Do you guys remember that they had the little stuffed pink bunnies for sale during the American Idiot tour? Did they have them during this tour? I'd like one, because Pink Bunny is awesome. I just hope he's getting a nice break between now and the South American tour. I also wonder if he knows Sid from North London.

Thanks to 'm e' for sending it in.
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