On September 14th, Green Day's longtime producer, Rob Cavallo, was named as Chairman of Warner Bros. Records in an announcement that introduced a whole new executive team at WBR. Rob signed Green Day to Reprise in 1993, then produced each of their albums from Dookie through American Idiot (Green Day produced Warning, but Rob was listed as an executive producer). Last year Rob was named as Chief Creative Officer for Warner Music Group.

From the Market Watch article
"The new Warner Bros. executive team represents the ideal combination of skills to operate a successful music company in today's radically evolving industry environment. With Rob's creative brilliance, Todd's proven ability to develop and execute new business models and revenue streams and Livia's established track record of building lasting artist careers, we have in place a group of executives who are uniquely positioned to continue to strengthen the reputation of Warner Bros. as an artist-friendly haven with a visionary approach to discovering and nurturing new talent."

More about Rob from the article:
"Cavallo first joined Warner Bros. Records in 1987 as an A&R representative where he was originally assigned to work with Black Sabbath. In 1989, he signed the multi-Platinum band, Goo Goo Dolls, to Warner Bros./Reprise Records and, in 1993, signed Green Day to the label. He produced Green Day's major label debut, Dookie, his second-ever full album production, which sold 15 million units worldwide. Since then, he's produced or executive produced six of the band's albums which have now sold more than 45 million worldwide units combined. In 1994, he was promoted to Senior Vice President of A&R for Warner Bros./Reprise, where he oversaw the label's A&R department and served as an in-house producer"

Here are some more articles about the change at Warner:
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