Reuters has reported that last year Green Day's total of 76 concerts made 36.5 million dollars. That amount landed it in the top 10 highest ranking tours. In the same article Billie Joe says they are done touring for American Idiot and plan to take a break this year from touring to start working on a new album. Billie says the break is to "find the inspiration to find another record", and they'll slowly get back into the studio later this year. He says not to expect anything to soon.

GDA has won "Fansite of the Year" from the liveDaily 'Best Of' Awards. Our thanks to you wonderful fans for voting for us. Green Day also picked up some awards including: Artist of the Year, Song of the Year (JOS), Large Venue Tour of the Year, Live Performer of the Year, and picked up "Artist Site of the Year". Thanks once again to you guys for voting for GDA and Green Day.

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On a personal note, I'm back from vacation and you can expect frequent updates once again.
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October 2015
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Oct 03:
Warning was release 15 years ago today!
Oct 10:
Insomniac was released 20 years ago
Oct 11:
Happy Birthday, Matt! He turns 24 today.
Oct 14:
nimrod. was released 18 years ago.
Oct 31:
Happy Halloween!