....and we're back

Mar. 22, 2006 / Comments
As you guys probably noticed there have been no updates for a few days. I loved the hundreds of emails that said "did one of you die or something. why was the site not updated!!!" Well, thanks for the concern, but no we are all still alive and well but we were all away (obvious enough). Don't worry, we're back now and the daily updates will continue as normal.

If you have emailed us, please give us a few extra days to reply.

On the Green Day news front: Green Day was honored by The Recording Academy in San Francisco on Sunday. You can read more about this event here. You guys can check out more pictures from the press room here in our pic vault. GDA's full page ad that you guys helped pay for was in that program book, and we'll put up a scan of the program soon. We'll have more on this event later this week.

I still have a shit load of emails to go through, so more Green Day news will be posted in tomorrow's updates. This post was just so you know none of us died...just on a small, well deserved vacation.
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