The Foxboro Hot Tubs just finished playing two shows in Austin, TX. View photos, setlist and more for each show: March 14th and March 15th.
Green Day is featured in the latest issue of Diablo Magazine, a monthly publication devoted to the San Francisco East Bay market. In addition to gracing the cover, the band is the subject of a lengthy article celebrating the band's rich ... read story
There was a little blurb about Green Day in last month's Rolling Stone magazine about their upcoming induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame". Check out the scan in our articles section. The image is from 1995 when Green Day ... read story
With the exciting news that Green Day will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Rolling Stone interviewed Billie Joe on the whole experience. We linked to the story yesterday, but wanted to highlight it again for anyone who might ... read story
Chris Bilheimer has been the creative force behind the artwork for every Green Day album since 1997's Niimrod. He's created some of the most recognizable Green Day logos -- the "heart-grenade," the kissing couple on the front of 21st ... read story
Back in February, Rolling Stone featured a story titled "The Dookie Chronicles" which is an in-depth look at Green Day's most successful album of their career. The feature, written by the very talented David Fricke, looks back to the months ... read story
Last month on Dookie's 20th birthday, Rolling Stone posted an article that featured an interview with Billie Joe and Rob Cavallo who talked about the successes and story behind, arguably, the band's biggest album to date, Dookie. This ... read story
Back in 1993 Green Day were trying to figure out how they'd bring their punk rock roots along with them as they recorded their third album, Dookie, and first album on the huge record label. Rolling Stone sat down with Billie Joe recently to ... read story has put together a collection of thoughts from various artists about the impact Dookie has made on the music industry and the direct influence it had with a number of artists. Here's a few snippits from the piece: Green Day's ... read story
Southern California Public Radio station, KPCC, has posted an article talking about hit music from 1994 and how certain albums shaped the music industry forever, including Green Day's Dookie. The list of music is taken from Shirley ... read story
Shortly before the recent passing of Phil Everly, the musician sat down with Paste Magazine for what is believed to be his final interview. In the interview, Phil talks quite a bit about Billie Joe + Norah's Foreverly. Phil was tracked ... read story
Billie Joe today wrote an article published by the Wall Street Journal, titled "The Dark Traditions of Phil Everly." In the article, Billie Joe reflects on the life of Phil Everly and the impact he and his brother have had not only on ... read story
Tim McIlrath, lead singer and guitarist from punk rock band "Rise Against" has recently written a review on Billie Joe + Norah Jones' new album Foreverly. Rise Against had the opportunity opening for Green Day back in 2010 while in Germany ... read story have released an interview with Billie Joe and Norah Jones, speaking about Foreverly and why they decided to do it. The article entitled "The Darkest Corners of Country" by John Lanham talks about the lives of both musicians, ... read story
NME has put together a list of 30 "Heinous Crimes Against Music," as chosen by their readers/visitors. In that list, the music magazine/website slams various artists and groups regarding cover tracks, quotes, music in education, or just ... read story
Billie Joe & Norah Jones were featured in the latest Rolling Stone magazine, and the article has now been published online. It's a brief article and interview with Billie Joe & Norah Jones about their upcoming release "Foreverly" (out ... read story
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